The NHS Scholarship

Since 1946, more than $12 million in scholarships has been awarded to outstanding NHS senior members. The scholarship program is supported by the parent organization of NHS, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

NASSP is committed to growing the NHS Scholarship program in response to the dire need to increase college access and student success, providing additional resources to help students and families face the rising costs of higher education.

What’s New with the NHS Scholarship Program this Year

  • Chapters may now allow any eligible senior NHS member to apply for the scholarship. The previous limits on the number of applicants per chapter are removed.
  • Financial need will now be considered. Scholarship applicants will continue to be evaluated on their modeling of the four pillars of NHS. Financial need, as evidenced by eligibility for participation in the National School Lunch Program will be considered as well.
  • The number of national semifinalists will increase from 200 to 300 this year.

Advisers may log in to access the 2015-16 Application Procedures and distribute it to senior members of the chapter in good standing and the school principal.

Program Timeline

November 16, 2015 – Scholarship application process opens

February 16, 2016 – Deadline for student applications. The student portion of the application must be completed and submitted by 11:59 p.m. CST on February 16, 2016.  After February 16, the document will become “read-only” and students will no longer be able to make changes to the application form.

February 24, 2016 – Deadline for adviser and principal recommendations and certification. All recommendations and certifications must be completed by 11:59 p.m. CST on February 24, 2016. 

Award Distribution

300 National Semifinalists - $1,500
25 National Finalists - $3,000 (an additional $1,500 added to the semifinalist award)
1 National Winner - $15,500 (an additional $12,500 added to the national finalist award)