NHS Classic Certificate

Certificate Printing Guidelines
NHS Classic Certificate #7410525

Manual-feed your certificate through your printer. We suggest copying this certificate to make practice duplicates for checking your manual feed orientation and inscription position relative to the data fields on the template. Some printers work better with the Word template versus the PDF template and vice versa. If your data does not line up with the template you are using, please try the other version.

Suggestion: For printing multiple certificates where the names change but all other copy remains the same, print the certificate and replace the first name with the next name on the list. Print the second certificate and repeat the process with the remaining names on your list.

PLEASE NOTE: The templates are guidelines for printing the certificates. There may be variations in how the certificates print depending on the printer used, the printer settings, how the certificates are being fed into the printer, etc. We suggest you adjust the template to your printer, testing the adjustments out on copies of the certificates first. Firefox will not allow you to fill out the template in your browser; you may instead download the template (right click and "Save page as") or use another browser. 

Word Template

PDF Template