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NHS National Constitution

The following version of the NHS National Constitution was approved for all chapters by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) Board of Directors. This is the most recent edition for use by chapters. Choose a sectionArticle I: Name and PurposeArticle II: The NASSP Student Leadership Advisory CommitteeArticle III: State OrganizationsArticle IV: Local ChaptersArticle […]

Constitution & Governance

Local chapters of the National Honor Society (NHS) are governed by two sets of documents: the NHS National Constitution and the local chapter bylaws. The NHS National Constitution was developed by the NHS and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) National Council. The day-to-day administration of the Honor Societies is undertaken by the staff of the […]

How Does NHS Selection Work?

Have Questions? Visit our Student Membership FAQ page to search for answers to our most frequently asked questions. Students NHS membership is by selection-only at the school level. The national office does not participate in any aspect of individual membership selection. Guidelines for membership are set by each school based on the requirements in the […]

Honor Society Update: Fall 2019

Welcome to another year for your school’s Honor Society chapter! Whether you’re a new adviser stepping into the role or a seasoned adviser looking for ways to refresh your chapter, we want to highlight resources that can help make your year a success. With these, you’ll not only be equipped with tools to support your […]

A Conversation With… Margaret Lincoln

Dr. Margaret “Gigi” Lincoln, NHS adviser at Lakeview High School in Battle Creek, MI, has won numerous awards for her outstanding service in education during her 41-year tenure, including the Distinguished Professional Award by the Calhoun Area School Board Members Association; the Margaret Grazier Award for Contribution to the Profession, for library services, by the […]

Expressing your Concerns

All selection and discipline/dismissal criteria and decisions are created and enforced at the local level, based on existing chapter bylaws. These must be in compliance with NHS policies and the NHS Constitution. If you have a concern, first contact your chapter adviser and school principal to address your concern. While the national office does investigate […]

Complaint Process FAQ

Where can I find the official complaint form?  There is an online submission form available here. What is the difference between a complaint and an appeal? Appeals are requests to review or overturn a selection or dismissal decision. The national office cannot hear appeals or change any selection or dismissal decision made by a chapter’s […]

The Principal’s Role

The principal’s NHS duties are outlined in the NHS Constitution and include: appointing the chapter adviser and faculty council. receiving appeals from nonselected students and disciplined and/or dismissed members. While principals are not required to approve every chapter activity, the constitution grants them authority to do so, if needed. Consider these tips for helping your […]

Chapter Affiliation FAQ

If our school hasn’t paid our affiliation fee, is there any way we can order NHS materials for our upcoming graduation or induction ceremony? No, though if you pay your fee immediately, use a credit card, and contact our membership department, we may be able to accelerate the renewal process. How long does it take […]