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Kansas State Summit, April 30: 

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Registration Instructions

Start making plans now and select up to 20 members to attend. (There is an adviser-to-student requirement of one adviser/faculty member for every 10 students.)

To prepare to complete your registration, you will need the following information:

  • Adviser login credentials (needed to access the registration page)
  • Student names
  • Parent names
  • Parent cellphone numbers
  • Dietary needs for attendees

Each student will be randomly assigned to one of the following issues: Global Citizenship, Improving Learning Environments, or Wellness and Mindfulness. See below for a short description of each. Additionally, for the Michigan State Summit, students will be assigned to one of four (4) Leadership Competencies. Click here to see the list of competencies with a short description. For all other State Summits, students are assigned to one of six (6) Leadership Competencies. Click here to see the list of competencies with a short description.


Global Citizenship (NASSP Student Leadership Initiative)
Service is the cornerstone of the National Honor Societies, in particular, an awareness of, concern for, and involvement in the well-being and success of others. In this session, participants will discuss global citizenship and their potential impact in schools, communities, and ultimately the world.

Improving Learning Environments
Schools remain central to a competitive workforce and productive communities. In this session, participants will discuss ways in which schools might be modernized to provide 21st-century learning environments.

Wellness and Mindfulness
A host of unique challenges and opportunities exist for students in secondary schools. This session focuses on wellness as a comprehensive strategy for academic achievement, social and emotional growth, and success.