We realize that with schools not in session for most of the country and social distancing protocols in place, your school must consider making accommodations for service hour requirements as well as for individual and school projects.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you make adjustments and accommodations, using discretion in accordance with local, state, and national public health guidelines.

Service Hour Policies and Activities
Changes to service hour policies that are made in the interest of the entire group, school, and larger community can be made at the local chapter level. Permission does not need to be granted by the NASSP national office for specific programs like National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, and National Elementary Honor Society. Communication with your school community and clear documentation are key, however, for any changes made.

Consistent and Clear Communication
Especially in a time of crisis and fast-changing situations, it is important that school and student leaders maintain clear communication to ensure that no one is left out of important updates. Keep everyone in the loop as changes, cancellations, and postponements are made. Significant changes in policy should be clearly documented for future reference. Ensure that no one student or group is adversely affected by changes and that accommodations are made in the interest of EVERYONE at your school, not just  for some.

Consider Alternative Solutions—Don’t Forget the Reason for Service!
As you change policies or make adjustments to current and future activities, consider those impacted—not only your students but also the larger community. If students must cancel some in-person activities, can they do alternative service to still help the community members who will be impacted by the cancellation or postponement? If students were scheduled to visit retirement communities, for example, ask your student leaders to consider other ideas for how they can still serve that community in a safe way.  The Adviser Online Community is a great place to share ideas and solutions.

Virtual Induction Ceremonies
Please remember that it is not mandatory for induction ceremonies to take place in person and accommodations can be made at the local level to conduct the ceremony online. Suggestions for creating a virtual experience have been added to the Adviser Resource Center on the Inducting Members page.

Webinar: Student Service and Leadership Beyond School Walls: Virtual NHS and NJHS
March 30 at 2:30 p.m. (ET) | Register Here
In this special-topic webinar, the national office of NHS and NJHS highlights the chapter model and administration of Agora Cyber Charter School, which is a complete online learning environment for grades K–12. Co-advisers Rebecca Adams and Joanne Mulvey will share best practices on how to run a virtual NHS/NJHS chapter, be creative in an online setting, and support student service and leadership activities from afar.