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Elevate Your Students With NHS

The National Honor Society (NHS) strives to develop a culture of inclusion, service, and achievement while removing barriers to student success—goals that closely align with your own as an educator. And while NHS membership is the true mark of academic achievement for your highest-achieving students, it is so much more than an honor roll.

An NHS chapter brings with it exclusive tools and resources for your students that not only help them in their endeavors as NHS members, but leave a lasting impact on them as active citizens with long-term aspirations.

NHS Scholarship

Each year, $2 million dollars are awarded to 600 deserving NHS members, with the national winner taking home $25,000. By giving this opportunity to your students, you could potentially help open the door for them to continue their education and achieve their dreams.

Service Mindset and Action

Individual, chapter, and schoolwide service projects are what NHS students are known for. That’s why members get unlimited access to service planning templates and resources, including nearly 10,000 project ideas in the National Student Project Database. This creates a “give back” mindset and weaves continued service into the everyday of a learning community.

College and Career Readiness Webinar Series

Live and on-demand webinars on the college admission planning process give student members and their parents access to valuable advice directly from admissions experts.

Sample Content from the National Honor Societies

Select a sample to download:

The Inside Scoop on College Admissions

When it comes to letters of recommendations, take the ‘show, don’t tell’ approach

Proud to Be First

How advisers can encourage and prepare first-generation college students

Working Toward Equity

Breaking down barriers for the betterment of your students

The Best Version of Yourself

Advisers must put their own wellness first in order to be most effective in the role

Remote Possibilities

Keep your students engaged and thriving in the wake of COVID-19

Are you an elementary or middle level high school counselor? Learn about our NEHS program, exclusively for elementary level, or our NJHS program, exclusively for middle level.

Join by November 30 using promo code LEADER20 and get a 20 percent discount in the NHS Store to stock up on supplies and recognition items for your new chapter.

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