NHS Thank You Coin

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NHS Thank You Coin

Present this thank you coin to an individual or business who contributed to the success of your chapter of the National Honor Society. The recipient will enjoy and cherish this token of your appreciation for years to come. Coin is 1¾" in diameter.


Ten Ways to Use the NHS Thank-You Coin


I. As a Token of Appreciation

  • Gift to community businesses or organizations that contribute financially or in kind to the chapter or chapter activities at a pre-determined nominal level
  • Presented to individual staff or community members who have made substantial contributions of time, instruction or engagement in support of the chapter
  • Given as a year-end recognition to a member of the faculty or administration for support and/or role model for chapter members - nominated and selected by the chapter members
  • Given to members of the student body who have been heavily engaged / actively supported and/or made significant contributions of time and talents to the chapter
  • Given to the members of the Faculty Council in recognition for their service to the chapter each year
  • Given to the keynote speaker at the annual induction ceremony


II. As a Challenge Coin

  • Presented to chapter members for whom adviser has received 2 or more unsolicited letters or messages from faculty or administration praising the members for actions or efforts that are related to their honor society roles.
  • Presented to chapter members that have exemplified themselves in their chapter roles by their action, effort, and achievement
  • Presented to committee chairpersons in recognition for their work for the chapter during the school year
  • Presented to the chapter member who has earned the highest cumulative GPA – one per grade level represented in the chapter membership


Other uses? Send suggested uses for these coins to nhs@nhs.us so we can add them to our list.