"Leadership Is..." Webinar Series

Tune in to our brand-new “Leadership Is…” Webinar Series and dive into what leadership means to you. Each webinar includes creative exercises to identify your unique strengths and group discussions to share ideas.

Can’t make it live? Don’t worry—you’ll be able to view these webinars on demand.

Upcoming Webinars

Leadership Is… Mobilization

Successful leaders have been able to motivate and mobilize communities to rally behind particular causes and issues. While this often seems like an innate quality, mobilizing groups of people is a distinct skillset that can be learned. In this session, students will dive into the art of mobilizing themselves, their peers, and their communities. Participants will discuss the characteristics necessary to be a successful leader as well as causes that resonate with young people.

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Leadership Is… Taking Responsibility

Language can be used to bring people closer together or drive them further apart. In this webinar, students will discuss personal responsibility for the words they use and explore communication styles that build trust and inspiration. Participants will also learn how to communicate assertively and nonjudgmentally in order to strengthen their connections with others and lead more effectively.

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Leadership Is… Seasonal

One of the subtler qualities of a good leader is discernment, or the ability to accurately perceive a situation and act accordingly. While it can be tempting to constantly move forward, embracing a community norm of “step up and step back” helps create an environment that values voice, growth, and empowerment. During this session, students will explore different manifestations of leadership and discuss how agile leaders are able to assess situations and adapt to meet the needs of the group.

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Archived Webinars

Leadership Is… Freedom

This introductory session will serve as a blank canvas, upon which students will have creative license to paint leadership through their eyes. Participants will have complete freedom to identify, research, engage, and share ideas that can improve quality of life for all people. Students will also utilize critical thinking and creativity to identify how they are already positively impacting the culture of leadership and discuss how they can leverage their unique gifts to transform their passion into action.

Click here to download a worksheet meant to encourage self-reflection and growth as you prepare for the webinar.

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